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Our Residents

"As a PLUS leader you are constantly working and reflecting to build yourself as leader in order to better lead your staff. PLUS leaders are data driven with a growth mindset. They lead by example. "

Jaqueline Tanner - Instructional Methods Coach, Garcia Elementary School

I chose to become a PLUS Resident because I believe this would be the best way to give back to Kansas City Schools. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Urban Education and a Master’s degree in Teaching English as Second Language.

Prior to the PLUS Residency, I have had the honor of teaching 3rd and 6th grade with an emphasis in Math and Science over the last three years. During this time, my students increased a year and half of growth each year based on their Northwest Evaluation Association™ (NWEA) scores. I am excited to implement all of my newly gained experience and knowledge to benefit student success.