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What kind of experience do I need to be eligible for the program?

Our residents are a diverse set of educators who have at least three years of teaching experience, a passion for helping teachers do their best work, and a deep commitment to the students, families and communities of Kansas City.

How much does the program cost?

As a Kansas City PLUS resident, you are responsible for tuition and fees associated with earning your master’s degree, paid out according to the university’s payment schedule. If you are interested in pursuing financial aid to assist with tuition expenses, you must do so independently, as eligibility varies.

Will I get paid during the residency?

Yes. During the residency you are employed by the district or school where you work, and you will receive full benefits and a salary from them, on par with the position you hold.

Which types of schools do you partner with in Kansas City?

We partner with district, charter and parochial schools.

How will I find a placement school?

We provide placement assistance and connect residents with our school partners, but it is your responsibility to secure placement.

If I already work in a Kansas City school, can I do my residency at that school?

It depends. We decide on school partnerships on a case-by-case basis, but if you’re in a role where you have release time to coach other teachers, we will do our best to make it work.

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